A Melting Pot Conference For Realtime Technologies

Lyon is the french capital of food!


  • Jan-Christoph Borchardt ownCloud
  • Catherine Jung InPlayTime.com
  • Vidhya Gholkar Vodafone
  • Sam Dutton Dev Advocate, Google
  • Philip Roberts Float App
  • James Coglan Songkick
  • Pieter Hintjens ØMQ
  • Tyler McMullen Fastly
  • Kyle Drake Net Brew
  • Paddy Foran SecondBit
  • Jan Lehnardt Apache CouchDB
  • Amélie Anglade SoundCloud
  • Simon Tennant Buddycloud
  • Christine Corbett Physics PhD student
  • Alvaro Videla Cloudfoundry
  • Aral Balkan Designer and developer
  • Magnus Thor XSockets.net
  • Steve Klabnik Jumpstart Lab
  • Nuno Job Nodejitsu
  • Tim Caswell Creationix Innovations
  • Lourens Naudé Bear Metal
  • Owen Barnes Realtime Technologies
  • Arnout Kazemier Nodejitsu
  • Tristan Nitot Mozilla
  • Anthony Ricaud Web standards addict.

Learn more about each sessions and the speakers on our Lanyrd page, and see why you should come to Lyon as well!

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We're developers first.

We asked ourselves, "What would an ideal realtime conference look like? Let's do that." The first two US conferences were a blast. Can't wait to do it again.

A smaller gathering means bigger value.

Everyone gets more out of conferences that are centered on making connections. No elitists here—you'll talk to everyone.

"Impressively polished."Nate Smith, Derby.js

See For Yourself

Venue & Accommodations

La Plateforme

Moored on the newly renovated Rhône riverbanks, right in the center of Lyon, La Plateforme offers 4 different areas, including an underwater conference room.
The venue is walking distance from Lyon's heart with vibrant restaurants, bars and highlights!

"This has been amazing. It's a melding of the minds."Kyle Drake, Geoloqi

From the blog

Photo of Amber Case
"At the best dev conf I've been to all year. Listening to the history of the first real-time computer." Amber Case, Esri
"Number one conference I regret not going to this year." Mike Brevoort